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Joyful, bright, passionate, optimistic. Our world is full of colours. They can turn our mood upside down. Just like the rainbow after a stormy moment.

Just after the storm. It appears out of the blew. Not always, but often. A sneak peek out of the window straight to the open sky is enough. And then the moody day lights up. It is like a message it is sent that always a bright point is just some quick peeks away. Why not? After all, the colours have the power to enlighten the moments. That’s right. It is all about the rainbow after then rain. Or better said, it can be all about colours in our life.

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. You name it! Most of us used to have a favourite colour since childhood. Per the experts, children prefer brighter colours from an early age because their eyes are not fully developed yet and that is why they can perceive these colours better. (1) It is fascinating to think how they can play such an important role in human’s life. Needless to say, how they can influence our mood? Do you remember the storm and the rainbow?

Let’s have a closer colourful look. (2)

Green is equal to nature. It is said that can guide to clear perception, self- recognition, and compassion.

Think Blue and chill, as this nuance is said to be responsible for producing calming chemicals to the body. It enhances clear thinking, diligence and organization.

If you need some inspiration, please, think Orange. It promotes happiness, joyousness and feeling of wellness, plus it helps with ideas and mental concepts.

Lips, passion, love? Go Red Go! It is strong and the most emotionally intense colour. It is said that it stimulates the heart to beat faster and breathing to increase plus it also increases metabolic activity.

More joy, more Yellow! It is a nice colour to project the joyful mood. It is actually considering to be an optimistic touch of the pallet.

We do not want to leave your favourite colour out, but it is true that we can keep painting the above list endlessly. Lot of colours, lot of feelings, lot of good vibes. Thus, one might say that it is all about perspective. It can be black or white, Red or Green, Blue or Yellow. As long, it matters to us and we are involving it in our routine, then this is our colour. Better yet, it might bring us memories or feelings. Where there is colour then something is going on.

Pick your colour, the one that speaks to you and let’s start. You are just One Click away from spreading colourful feelings. We have lot of colours and ideas to share with you. You just need to select your next buy and pick a cause. ‘For those colours, you wish to be beautiful, always first prepare a pure, white ground’ (Leonardo da Vinci). Red, Blue, Green, Yellow. You name it! Or better say, You paint it! Only by One Click More…



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