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It is all around us. It’s part of our daily life. All of us have the need to share a story. “A picture is equal to a thousand words”.

It’s merely the result of the radiant light energy imprinted on a sensitive surface. It is common as the process of recording images on sensitized material by the action of light, X-rays, and the chemical processing of the material to produce a print, slide, or cine film. That is by technical definition. In other words, it’s what we call a selfie, a formal portrait or a romantic landscape (1).

We find them on desks, on walls, in our wallets, in drawers and pretty much on every smart dphone it is almost certain that we will have one of these moments that we keep safe. Just a reminder of a special emotion. Then again, it is also possible that we own one of the technical means of recording images; A camera, a mobile, a tablet, you name it. Photography is part of the routine in life, but also a medium that travels you far.

Since its invention, it has been a way to capture our moments. Sometimes it even feels like we capture the very same emotions of that moment. We capture, we click, we keep it or we share it. The source remains the same. The photos are here to tell us a story. Its words might be interpreted in various ways. But still, the story is here to be read. Nowadays, the web brings us closer to moments of humanity around the global via the work of several photographers. One click closer to unique moments that were captured. Yet, we might stand miles away and looking at them, but they found a way to bring us close.

Daniel Castro Garcia offers us the opportunity to see through his camera. Foreigner: Migration into Europe 2015-2016; a series depicting migrants caught up in the European refugee crisis. He is the winner of the British Journal of Photography’s International Photography Award 2017, and his work will be exhibited at London’s TJ Boulting Gallery from 16th March – 1st April 2017 in a solo show which will also be his first major exhibition. Castro Garcia began photographing the crisis without a commission in 2015, spending weeks getting to know his subjects and interviewing nearly everyone he shot. “I think that’s the backbone of the work,” he says. (2)

Photography has the power to take us far. Photos have a story to tell. A capture of moments. A source of emotions. A spark that we might need to contain, just for a second to our lens and then to set it free again, but this time also for others to share. Are you inspired? Then you just need One Click More to find the means for the next capture, click on our Photography Sector, select and support a cause on the same time. Inspiration is all yours… Only by going One Click More




Photo: North African men threading their eyebrows. Calais, France, November 2015. From the series, Foreigner: Migration into Europe 2015-2016 © Daniel Castro Garcia

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