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Since the pre-dates of civilisation, to the times of online shopping, we exchange goods as gifts. How hard is it to find that special something? How limited is your time to go shopping? Here’s an idea.

8 days, 3 hours and 10 minutes! That was the time it took me to decide on what this year’s best birthday present for my mother would be. To break that down, it took me 8 days just to come up with an idea, a 3 hour walk around the market and 10 minutes to finally buy it. One more year to celebrate and yet another mission successfully accomplished! She loved it.

Spending time to find the best possible present (throughout all aspects) for your loved ones is a time consuming (all the while satisfying) job. Of course you could ask them directly what they’d prefer, which by the way, is a logical question to ask, but that would ruin any element of surprise and that extra credit you’d have got for actually buying a super-brilliant present with no help what-so-ever.

Then again, it is not the present itself most of the times. It is the smile you see and the warmth you feel offering it. It is all the good moments you share and all the emotions you feel for the other person. The satisfaction you receive when he or she unwraps that little something you spent your time, effort and money to find and pick.

While the receiver unwraps it, a magical moment surfaces. What initially seemed as a gift for one, becomes a gift for two souls to share. While the unwrapping of the gift carries on and little by little the gift is being revealed, your love and happiness is revealed as well.

This is not something new! You know already how it works. Giving gifts is one of the oldest traditions all human beings share. An unusually shaped rock, the branch of an olive tree, a cool drone, all symbolise the intention to give and share. Presents have a way to show love and affection between people started a long time ago in the primitive cavemen culture (1).

In the Egyptian era, Pharaohs who built massive pyramids to store their wealth, were the ones that received the gifts from individuals. The popular luck charms were presented among people in Roman times with their influence lasting for centuries onwards to the Western civilisation. They were used as presents to carry favors and show allegiance in times of war, but also for personal favor the kings received gifts at the Medieval age. (1).

The giving of gifts lies way back to the human history and in many ways, it feels natural and right. People used to offer goods to each other for a variety of  reasons and occasions. The only thing that’s changed is that nowadays, we have so may options that we cannot easily make a decision as what is the best to choose from. We have so many options in huge online and offline markets and it’s a tough job! But wait, remember that old saying: “where there’s will there’s a way”? Well, it’s true!

The next time you struggle to decide, here is an idea that can make more people happy than you and your beloved one. What if you could select among a variety of products and at the same time help a cause? Gadgets, fragrances, cool t-shirts, you name it! All your favourite e-shops and their products available on your screen  at YouBeHero.

A variety of gifts that will lead you to donate at the same time to SOS Children’s Villages or to Cancer Research UK. You pick a birthday present and then a cause. Be sure that when the present will be unwrapped, more love will be revealed. One click more for two gifts! Could you count how many people you make happy?



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